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      • Published 20 Apr 2023
      • Last Modified 14 Feb 2024
    • 2 min

    The Future Of Travel - How Will You Be Travelling?

    Driverless vehicles, superfast flights, hyperloop trains? See what travelling in the future could look like in your lifetime with this interactive guide.

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    It’s no secret that technology has been continuously evolving over the recent years, and this technology is going to be changing the way we travel too. Augmented reality (AR), trains that can drive at over 700 mph and planes with panoramic windows could be a normal aspect of our lives in just a matter of decades. By 2025, you could be travelling to work by SkyTran, a self-driving monorail that is designed to hover above roads and travel up to 150 mph. Walking to the shops may become a thing of the past too, as scooters become more mainstream, with simple swarming algorithms allowing them to move together along the street, keeping their distance from each other. To help you get an idea of what transport could look like in the future, we’ve taken a look at the methods of transport that are likely to become a reality in our lifetime.

    So if these predictions are anything to go by, being stuck in traffic or late for work because of a hold-up on the dreaded commute could be a thing of the past. And the good news is that futuristic developments in the transport sector are not only transforming travel, and improving journey times, but also safeguarding the environment. From driverless cars to supersonic trains and space elevators, this is how you could be travelling from A to B in the not-so-distant future. The details are still taking shape, but future transport systems will certainly be connected, data-driven, and highly automated.