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    Armoured Cable

    Armoured cable, also known as armoured or armoured electrical cable, is a type of power cable designed for extra protection against mechanical damage, moisture, and other environmental factors. It consists of a conductive core, insulation layers, and an outer metallic armour layer.

    The conductive core of the armoured cable is usually made of copper or aluminium, and it carries the electrical current. The core is insulated with a layer of non-conductive material, such as PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene), to provide electrical insulation and prevent any short circuits or leakage.

    The outer metallic armour layer is typically made of galvanized steel or aluminium. It provides mechanical protection to the cable, making it resistant to impacts, crushing, and penetration. The armour layer also serves as a barrier against moisture, chemicals, and other environmental hazards. In addition to the armour layer, the cable may have an overall sheath made of PVC or other materials for further protection.

    The armoured construction of the cable enhances its durability, flexibility, and resistance to external influences, ensuring the reliable transmission of electrical power in challenging environments.

    Applications for Armoured Cable

    Armoured cables are commonly used in industrial, commercial, and outdoor applications where the cable is exposed to harsh conditions or potential physical damage. They are often installed in underground systems, buried in the ground, or used in areas with a high risk of mechanical stress, such as construction sites or industrial plants.

    What is Steel Wire Armoured Cable?

    Steel Wire armoured (SWA) cable, also known as Steel Wire Armoured Electrical Cable, is a specific type of armoured cable that features a layer of steel wires for enhanced mechanical protection. It is widely used for power transmission and distribution in various industrial, commercial, and infrastructure applications.

    Applications for Steel Wire Armoured Cable

    SWA cables are commonly used in power distribution networks, industrial installations, construction sites, and infrastructure projects where reliable and durable power transmission is essential. The steel wire armour adds an extra layer of resilience, making SWA cable a preferred choice in demanding applications.

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