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    Bluetooth Multimeters

    Bluetooth multimeters are perfect for electricians and design engineers on the go, allowing data to be transferred from your multimeter to your smartphone, tablet, or device quickly and efficiently. Bluetooth multimeters are an excellent feature to consider when purchasing a handheld multimeter, eliminating the need to connect via USB at a later stage.

    What is Bluetooth Technology?

    Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows devices to exchange data over short distances without the need for physical connections. It is commonly used for connecting devices like smartphones, headphones, and speakers to each other or to other systems like computers or vehicles.

    How do Bluetooth Multimeters Work?

    Digital multimeters (DMM) that feature Bluetooth functionality work by connecting your multimeter to your smart phone or device via a specific app. Once connected, you can measure, visualise, and log data in real time, enhancing electrical testing in a range of environments.

    Benefits of using Multimeters with Bluetooth

    • Remote Monitoring – lets you monitor measurements from a distance, which could be particularly useful when working in hazardous or hard-to-reach locations.
    • Data Logging - measurements could be logged over time, allowing users to track changes and trends in electrical properties.
    • Integration with Apps - an accompanying mobile app or software could provide a user-friendly interface for data visualisation and analysis.
    • Automation - Bluetooth multimeters could potentially be integrated into automated testing setups, where measurements are taken and transmitted without direct human intervention.
    • Collaboration - Multiple users could access and view measurements simultaneously, which could be valuable in educational or collaborative environments.
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