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    FLIR Multimeters

    A multimeter is an electronic measuring instrument, commonly used by electricians, engineers, and technicians. Multimeters tend to have multiple modes or settings and combine numerous measurement functions in one unit to check an electrical circuit's resistance. The FLIR multimeters range offer easy-to-use and highly accurate digital multimeters. FLIR is a world leader in the design and manufacture of intelligent imaging and sensing technologies. With FLIR multimeters, you can enhance your measurement capabilities by making accurate measurements to ensure the reliability and safety of your electrical or automotive installations.

    What is a multimeter used on?

    Multimeters can be used across various industries for a variety of applications, some checks include:
    • Electrical troubleshooting or repair
    • Checking continuity thresholds of electrical components
    • Checking AC or DC voltages
    • Measuring the current in circuits
    • Measuring resistance, including earth bond or insulation resistance
    • Diode testing
    • Automotive diagnostics

    What is the difference between an analogue and digital multimeter?

    Analogue multimeters have a needle scale to show the readings, where the needle changes due to fluctuations of the electricity flow. Digital multimeters (DMM), however, are significantly more common to use since technology has advanced, as they have a numeric display, can cater to various measurement requirements, and are able to measure with greater accuracy. On DMMs, the liquid crystal display (LCD) screen is clear and easy to read.

    FLIR provides a range of high-quality digital multimeters to help aid your measurement requirements.

    Which multimeter to buy?

    Choosing the right multimeter depends on your specific requirements and the type of work intended to be carried out. You may require, or prefer to have, additional features such as connectivity options like Bluetooth or USB, data logging, or temperature measurement, for example. FLIR has taken the potential need for additional features like these into account and have many multimeter models to adhere to them – some popular FLIR models include the FLIR DM286, DM66, DM93-2, and the IM75-2 multimeter. Here are some of the stand-out features and benefits amongst the FLIR multimeter models that make them a popular choice:
    • Integrated thermal imaging
    • High-accuracy measurements
    • Data logging and connectivity, supporting Bluetooth BLE wireless technology or USB
    • High IP degree of protection
    • Durable and user-friendly design
    • Advanced features such as True RMS (root mean square) measurement to accurately measure complex waveforms of AC signals
    • CAT III 1000V and CAT IV 600V safety ratings
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