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    Fluke Bench Multimeters

    Fluke bench multimeters are renowned for their high performance and accuracy in electrical testing, with options available including digital multimeters (DMM), bench multimeters and even handheld multimeters. Whether you are testing electrical equipment at home or the office, or out in the field troubleshooting heavy duty appliances, you will find a Fluke multimeter to suit your needs.

    What Functions Do Fluke Multimeters Measure?

    For many electricians and engineers, a variety of functions may need to be measured on the spot. Fluke multimeter testers offer a wide range of measurable functions, providing versatility and precision in one single unit. Across the Fluke multimeter range, you will find models that provide precise measurement of electrical functions including voltage (AC and DC), diode, resistance (ohms), current (amps), capacitance and much more.

    Where are Fluke Bench Multimeters Used?

    Fluke are well established within the test and measurement industry, with tools and software on offer to help get the job done quickly and efficiently. Fluke multimeters are an essential piece of equipment suitable for a range of users including electricians, DIY enthusiasts, technicians.

    Are Fluke Bench Multimeters True RMS?

    In addition to the wide range of functions Fluke multimeter testers can measure, certain models also feature true RMS, providing superior accuracy when measuring AC current.

    How Accurate is a Benchtop Multimeter?

    A benchtop multimeter is an instrument used to measure various electrical parameters such as voltage, current, and resistance. Generally speaking, benchtop multimeters are very reliable and accurate when it comes to measuring these different values. In fact, most of them can read up to four decimal places which gives you a high degree of accuracy in your readings.

    Depending on the specific model you have, some benchtop multimeters may even come with features such as temperature measurements or data logging capabilities. For example, if you need to store readings over time periods then having this feature can be extremely useful.

    Overall, the accuracy of a benchtop multimeter highly depends on the model itself but they tend to offer very precise results when working with standard AC/DC voltages within 0-600 volts range. However, certain models might also go up even higher so make sure that before purchasing one for yourself that it fits your exact needs.

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