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    Keysight Bench Multimeters

    Keysight Bench Multimeters are a series of high-precision, benchtop digital multimeters manufactured by Keysight Technologies, a leading company in the field of electronic test and measurement equipment. These multimeters are designed for laboratory and benchtop applications where accuracy, reliability, and advanced measurement capabilities are essential.

    These multimeters are specifically designed for benchtop use. They typically have a larger form factor than handheld multimeters, providing stability during measurements and featuring an integrated display that is easy to read from a distance. Keysight Bench Multimeters offer a comprehensive set of measurement functions, including data logging, trend plotting, min/max recording, statistical analysis, and more. These features are valuable for capturing and analysing measurement data in laboratory and research settings.

    Many Keysight Bench Multimeters offer multiple connectivity options, such as USB, LAN, or GPIB (General-Purpose Interface Bus). This connectivity allows for remote control, data transfer, and integration into automated test systems, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

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