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    Keysight Technologies Multimeters

    Entrepreneurial beginnings and humble curiosity inspired a history of innovation for Keysight Technologies. Approaching challenges in measurement technology with this curiosity, it has engineered multimeters capable of the versatile measurements required in domestic, commercial, and industrial applications. Keysight multimeters offer useability, with intuitive functions and patented technologies for optimal accuracy.

    Choose from our selection of Keysight Technologies multimeters, including Keysight handheld DMM for convenience and calibrated options for guaranteed precision.

    Versatile meters for current, resistance, and voltage measurements

    Multimeters are measurement devices that combine the functionality of ammeters, ohmmeters, and voltmeters for improved convenience. Multimeters use a probe to measure multiple qualities of the current in a circuit, displaying results on either an analogue or digital interface. Generally, digital multimeters are preferred for their precision, as they display exact measurements and analogue multimeters are useful to measure fluctuations. The device can vary in size from portable, handheld multimeters that are pocketable, to meters suited for mounting on desks in factories. Size is not necessarily representative of capability; portable multimeters are powerful devices commonly utilised by electricians.


    Keysight Multimeters are versatile meters and so their potential applications are extensive.

    • Domestically, they are used by electricians to perform important safety diagnostics before beginning repairs.
    • Commercially in the servicing of automobiles and repairing various electricals.
    • Industrially, multimeters are used extensively in manufacturing
    • Construction, they perform safety testing necessary when installing electrical wiring in a property.

    Popular Keysight Multimeter Models include:

    • Keysight 34461A Digital Multimeter with Truevolt technology
    • Keysight 34465A/34470A Truevolt Series Digital Multimeters with features like colour graphical display, data logging, and advanced triggering, they are ideal for both benchtop and system applications
    • Keysight U1282A Handheld Digital Multimeter ideal for field technicians and engineers working in demanding conditions
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