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    Aim-TTi Multimeters

    Aim-TTi multimeters are designed to provide precise and reliable measurements of various electrical parameters for professionals, engineers, technicians, and researchers in a range of industries.

    Aim-TTi multimeters offer a wide range of measurement functions, including voltage (AC and DC), current (AC and DC), resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, and more. They are equipped with safety features like overload protection, input warning indicators, and compliance with safety standards to enhance user safety when working with electrical circuits and high-voltage systems. Some Aim-TTi multimeter models may offer connectivity options, such as USB or RS-232, allowing for data transfer and integration with external devices or software for data analysis, reporting, and remote control.

    Aim-TTi typically offers a variety of multimeter models with different features and capabilities to cater to the specific needs and preferences of users in different industries and applications.

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