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    CAT IV Multimeters

    CAT IV multimeters are designed to handle the highest voltage levels encountered in electrical installations. Typically, CAT IV-rated multimeters are generally higher and offer more protection against electric shocks than CAT III multimeters.

    Designed for professionals working in electrical environments, CAT IV multimeters ensure both accurate measurements including voltage, current, resistance and other electrical parameters as well as unparalleled protection. These high voltage levels are often associated with electrical utility service, including power distribution systems and utility substations.

    Why choose CAT IV Multimeters?

    • Maximum Voltage Handling – ideal for when dealing with electrical utility service voltages, with the capability to withstand voltage surges and transients.
    • Safety and Reliability - offer dependable measurements and robust protection against over voltages, ensuring the safety of both the instrument and the user.
    • Great Precision – their reliability is paramount for diagnostics, compliance verification, and critical testing.
    • Compliance - in many professional and industrial settings, compliance with safety standards and regulations is mandatory. CAT IV multimeters are essential for meeting these compliance requirements, ensuring that your electrical measurements are made in a safe and reliable manner.
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