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    Disposable Latex Gloves

    Latex gloves provide quick and efficient hand and skin protection in a range of applications. Disposable gloves made from latex help to prevent cross contamination, as well uphold hygiene standards. Gloves made from Latex are extremely lightweight yet provide sufficient durability and safety in a range of applications. Disposable Latex gloves are available with powder applied to help absorb liquid, or without powder for quick and easy application.

    Where are Latex Gloves used?

    Gloves manufactured from Latex are considered a multipurpose glove, due to their versatile range of uses. Latex gloves are extremely flexible and elastic, providing a comfortable fit with excellent grip. As a result, Latex disposable gloves are suitable for use in a range of applications including Automotive, DIY, Electronics, Catering, Clinical, Medical and more. You will commonly find disposable Latex gloves in food outlets, dental practices, veterinary clinics, beauty parlours, garages and other similar environments.

    Latex disposable gloves are available in bulk packs, as well as smaller quantities making them a highly affordable hand protection solution. With powdered and powder free options in a range of sizes and colours, you will find disposable Latex gloves to suit your needs at RS.

    For those at risk to latex allergies, several alternative material options are available in our disposable gloves offering, ensuring a safer experience.

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