Latex Gloves

Our comprehensive stock of latex disposable gloves offers a broad array of size options, styles, safety standards and additional features, meaning we'll always stock a product that will keep your hands suitably covered and protected in almost any workplace task you might be required to deal with.

What sorts of jobs are latex gloves best for?

  • Modern latex disposable gloves are soft and supple to provide a superb level of comfort, dexterity and sensitivity, while also being tough and rugged enough to offer advanced resistance to abrasions, tears, punctures, and a wide range of harsh chemicals, oils or solvents
  • They're very widely used today in all manner of industries, sectors and demanding workplace/domestic tasks - common examples include electronics assembly, food preparation and inspection, laboratory/pharmaceutical, medical and veterinary uses, to name just a few
  • Our latex gloves conform to a number of key safety standards and workplace certifications, including food approval ratings, ED455 Medical Devices Class 1, and EN374-3/EN374-2 requirements for protection against an array of liquid or particulate hazards
  • Natural rubber latex is far cooler against the skin than vinyl, and offers the user a superior range of finger flexibility, dexterity and grip in demanding tasks
  • Powdered varieties typically use vegetable starch to help slide the gloves onto the hand quickly and easily, and to absorb perspiration while working
  • Powder-free (PF) versions offer low particle count to reduce the risk of product contamination
  • Special processing during manufacture lowers the final proportion of material proteins and toxins in our latex gloves, which can occasionally cause skin irritation in people with a specific latex sensitivity

Our natural latex gloves are supplied by various leading hygiene/workwear brands such as Ansell and BM Polyco, as well as under our own RS PRO value line.

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Description Price Glove Size Glove Material Colour European Safety Standard Glove Type Powdered Number of Gloves Range Food Safe Accepted Quality Level AQL Anti-Static
RS Stock No. 130-1049
Mfr. Part No.63-864/075 1000
1 Box of 1000
7.5 - M Latex White EN374 Chemical Resistant Powder-Free 1000 Microflex Yes - -
RS Stock No. 130-1047
Mfr. Part No.63-864/075
1 Box of 100
7.5 - M Latex White EN374 Chemical Resistant Powder-Free 100 Microflex Yes - -
RS Stock No. 130-1050
Mfr. Part No.63-864/095 1000
1 Box of 1000
9.5 - XL Latex White EN374 Chemical Resistant Powder-Free 1000 Microflex Yes - -