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    Reldeen Disposable Gloves

    Reldeen provides affordable personal protective equipment without compromising on quality. Reldeen is relied upon by multiple industries for its disposable gloves, which offer excellent endurance. Its extensive selection of gloves is subject to stringent quality monitoring to guarantee safety for personnel in exacting applications.

    Choose from our selection of Reldeen's powdered and non-powered nitrile and vinyl disposable gloves, in various colours and sizes to suit your requirement.

    Food-safe disposable gloves for sanitary practices

    Disposable gloves are an important consideration for the safety practices of various industries, including food preparation and medical care. Impervious synthetic materials facilitate sanitary practices by providing a hand covering that protects the hands from contaminants. These gloves can be disposed of and replaced as necessary to provide a continually sterile covering that provides effective protection and prevents contamination. Disposable gloves are typically manufactured using either latex, nitrile, or vinyl, with suitability depending on the application, as these different materials offer gloves different protective properties.

    Latex disposable gloves offer the flexibility necessary for applications that require dexterity. Latex gloves can cause a reaction for those with a latex allergy or sensitivity, in this circumstance an alternative should be considered to ensure optimum comfort. Vinyl gloves offer similar dexterity and are tolerated by those with allergies, but they do not benefit from the puncture resistance latex and nitrile gloves do. Nitrile gloves offer excellent durability and are additionally resistant to chemicals, nitrile is suitable for those with latex allergies but is not as dexterous as latex and vinyl.

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