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    Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile gloves are gloves made from synthetic rubber, which are worn over the hands. Due to their resilient qualities, these gloves are widely used in a large range of medical, food preparation, industrial and other high risk work environments, especially those in which contamination avoidance is crucial. It is highly common that you'll see nitrile gloves being used by nurses, artists in tattoo parlours, scientists, dentists in practices or care professionals.

    Nitrile gloves are high quality and strong, therefore able to protect the user from infectious agents and most chemicals that cannot be withstood by latex or vinyl gloves.

    Nitrile is resistant to tears and rips compared with other alternative gloves. They offer comfort to the user and are thin enough for use in delicate tasks, even after long, extended periods of time.

    Nitrile gloves are disposable gloves, ideal for wearing once and then disposing off in a suitable waste bin. Being disposable any risk of cross-contamination is considerably reduced by wearing these gloves.

    These disposable gloves are also latex-free, ideal for minimising any allergic reactions; especially for those sensitive to latex proteins and nitrile gloves are mostly powder free also to assist the user in getting their gloves on and off. Latex-free gloves are more popular than ever, with workplaces making a conscious effort to protect their employees from allergens as much as possible.

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