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    Uniglove Disposable Gloves

    Uniglove commits to saving lives by protecting hands with their trusted products. A world-leading glove manufacturer, their disposable gloves allow for the maintenance of optimal hygiene practices. Uniglove understands the importance of personal protective equipment, they conduct extensive research, explore innovative technologies, and provide training solutions for end-users. Rely on Uniglove for your personal protective equipment needs.

    What are disposable gloves?

    Disposable gloves are a type of single-use personal protective equipment. They protect the hands with a thin glove made of either latex, neoprene, nitrile, or vinyl. Different materials offer protection better suited to different applications, for example, neoprene and nitrile resist acids, alcohol, and various hazardous chemicals. Latex and vinyl are more appropriate for food preparation applications as they provide a comfortable fit and enhanced elasticity.

    Why are disposable gloves useful?

    Disposable gloves are indispensable in preventing the spread of contaminants. The gloves prevent contact between skin and surfaces, minimising the transfer of volatile pollutants. This use offers suitability for many applications, with the provision of medical services as a primary application. Disposable gloves serve to prevent bacteria and viruses from being carried from patient to patient, risking the spread of infection.

    Choosing Uniglove disposable gloves

    When choosing Uniglove disposable gloves, opt for the very best fit for your requirement by using the filters to customize the colour, material, and size of the gloves.

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