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    Ansell Disposable Gloves

    Please browse our wide selection of disposable hand gloves from Ansell. Ansell disposable gloves are hand coverings used to protect personnel and prevent contamination. Ansell's broad range of single use gloves are particularly useful for applications that demand stringent sanitation practises, as they can be disposed of and replaced after any contact with contaminants.

    Ansell disposable gloves are manufactured using a selection of materials. These different materials offer varying properties and subsequently, the material of a glove should be considered depending on its intended use. The main types of disposable gloves supplied by Ansell are latex, nitrile or vinyl, with each being suitable for different purposes:

    • Latex offers impressive flexibility and dexterity in a durable glove that demonstrates good tensile strength. Latex is generally comfortable, although, it can cause an allergic reaction in those with a latex allergy or sensitivity
    • Nitrile similarly offers excellent durability and additionally features resistance to chemicals. Nitrile is tolerated by those with allergies to latex and is a viable alternative. Nitrile is not considered as comfortable as latex or vinyl and does not provide the dexterity latex does
    • Vinyl is a comfortable option that is suitable for those with a latex allergy or sensitivity. Vinyl does not have the same durability as latex and nitrile and is subsequently not advised for applications requiring puncture resistance

    Why choose disposable gloves from Ansell?

    Any choice from Ansell's range of disposable gloves will deliver a product offering high quality protection in hazardous environments. Ansell has a world class manufacturing and engineering capability. They also use the most advanced material science for their products and offer a broad product range, with constantly evolving innovation for every industry sector.

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