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    Bolle Safety Glasses

    Bolle is a reputable company originating in France in 1888, specialising in eyewear that is effective for use in many workplaces, helping you see clearly without the dangers of your work affecting your optical health.

    What different options do Bolle safety glasses offer me?

    Our Bolle safety glasses have several unique qualities and lens colours to help tailor toward your workplace needs. Bolle safety glasses would be suitable in a range of workplaces to protect your eyes from the dangers all around you.

    Aspects that you can choose from within our selection of Bolle safety glasses:

    • Anti-mist
    • V protection
    • Clear lenses
    • Smoke lenses
    • Red flash lenses
    • Brown lenses

    What do Bolle safety glasses protect me against?

    There are a series of benefits that you can see with Bolle Safety glasses, helping you to protect yourself regarding the relevant safety requirements that you can identify within your workplace.

    These safety glasses are suitable to protect against flying material that could harm your eyes in a construction workplace such as dust, dirt and other matter that could be found in your worksite.

    Some of our Bolle safety glasses also have UV protection, this would help those who work outside from sunlight damage, as well as working affectively alongside the other safety features offered with Bolle safety glasses.

    You can also select lens colours that would suit the brightness and contrast within your working environment, take into account the amount of glare and light in the area you will be working within to decide what lens colour would suit this the best.

    Consider all the aspects to choose the right glasses for you, decide on the right pair that catches your eye as well as the glasses would be the most suitable from our selection for your specific workplace requirements.

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