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    UVEX Safety Glasses

    UVEX Safety Glasses are an essential part of PPE eye protection, not only protecting you from impact from flying debris but also dust and dirt particles plus sunlight with added UV protection. The UVEX safety glasses range is also modern and stylish with the added benefit of being comfortable to wear adapting to the shape of your head, still providing you complete protection expected from safety glasses.

    UVEX Safety glasses comply with UE regulations EN166 eye protection frame and lens marking plus UVEX also supply safety glasses that meet EN175 welding safe and EN207/208 laser safe. UVEX also have prescription safety glasses lenses to meet your personal safety needs.

    There are various UVEX Safety Glasses available to ensure you have the right eye protection for the job.

    UVEX offer lens colours covering amber, brown, clear, grey and silver plus styles from goggles, over spectacles and standard spectacles. Prescription lenses including Bifocal and ear piece and headband attachment. UV Protection, scratch resistant and coatings to suit your needs. Different frame and lens material. Vented or not.

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