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    Polycarbonate Safety Glasses

    Polycarbonate safety glasses provide excellent eye protection in a range of applications. These robust safety glasses feature excellent impact resistance, making them highly durable and reliable. Utilising polycarbonate lenses ensures high safety standards when working across various applications. Glasses made from Polycarbonate are often the go to type of safety glasses in many industries and with a wide selection to choose from, RS has you covered.

    Why use Polycarbonate safety glasses?

    Polycarbonate is a highly durable yet lightweight material, making them ideal for protection against a range of hazards. Boasting a wide range of features including scratch resistance, anti-mist and UV protection, safety glasses manufactured from Polycarbonate are a robust and reliable choice of eye protection. Polycarbonate safety glasses are also versatile in use, making them ideal for use with indoor and outdoor applications.

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