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    Laser Safety Glasses

    Laser safety glasses allow you to work safely and efficiently with laser applications. The laser wavelength of the lens required will depend on the strength of the laser. This will ensure the highest laser safety standards are maintained. Laser safety glasses provide excellent eye protection in a range of environments. At RS you will find a range of laser safety glasses that comply with EN207/208 laser safe standards, with a selection of colours and styles to choose from.

    When are laser safety glasses required?

    Laser safety is an essential precaution in many industries. Safety goggles and glasses suitable for lasers are the perfect piece of eyewear protection when working with or around lasers. Laser safety glasses and goggles are fitted with laser resistant lenses, allowing them to filter any direct or indirect light from a laser and deflect it from the eye. these glasses allow you to work efficiently and to the highest safety standards around powerful lasers.

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