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    Prescription Safety Glasses

    Prescription safety glasses are designed with lens technology including dioptre correction ensuring the clarity of your vision with all the safety benefits and protection provided by safety glasses. The dioptre strength of the prescription safety glasses refers to the magnification and clarity of vision provided and is described, for example as +1, +2.

    When looking for prescription safety glasses you can choose the magnification needed meaning that you do not have to wear your normal reading glasses. You continue in your daily work knowing your eyes have the safety protection needed.

    Prescription safety glasses are available in many ranges and styles with all the benefits of comfort and flexibility in adapting to unique head shapes with no loss of protection.

    You can choose lens colours covering amber, brown, clear, grey and silver, styles from goggles, over spectacles and standard spectacles. Prescription lenses including Bifocal, ear piece and headband attachment. UV Protection, scratch resistant and coatings. Different frame and lens material. Vented or not.

    Prescription safety glasses should comply with EU regulations EN166 eye protection frame and lens marking plus meet EN175 welding safe and EN207/208 laser safe.

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