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    Anti Fog Safety Glasses

    Anti fog safety glasses are the perfect eye protection solution when working around moisture. Safety glasses fitted with anti mist or anti fog lenses prevent moisture building up, helping to keep vision clear. Not only do safety glasses fitted with anti mist lenses offer anti fog capabilities, many also include anti scratch properties. At RS you will find a wide selection of anti fog safety glasses in a range of styles, offering clear vision, protection and enhanced comfort.

    Why use anti fog safety glasses?

    If you are working in hot or humid conditions and are required to wear safety glasses, build up of moisture on the lens can greatly reduce your vision. This can cause safety issues as well as make it highly frustrating. A quick and safe solution to this is to wear safety glasses that feature anti fog or anti mist lenses. By doing so, moisture build up on the lens will be eliminated allowing you to work efficiently and safely.

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