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    Honeywell Safety Glasses

    Honeywell safety glasses provide excellent eye protection in a range of applications. With a variety of styles to choose from, Honeywell safety glasses are suitable for use in several industries. Safety specs from Honeywell feature durable frames with an ergonomic design, ensuring comfort is maintained throughout the day. In addition, safety glasses from Honeywell feature a range of specialist lens options including scratch resistance, UV resistance, Anti-mist and much more.

    Where are Honeywell safety glasses used?

    Honeywell are specialists in safety PPE wear. Honeywell safety glasses are no exception and include a range of benefits, making them ideal for use in a variety of environments. Safety glasses that include impact and scratch resistance lens types are perfect for DIY type applications. Whereas safety glasses with UV protection and anti-mist lenses are ideal for hot, humid, and bright environments. At RS you will find a wide choice of Honeywell safety glasses in a range of styles, providing you with the eye protection you need.

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