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    Bahco Pliers

    Bahco pliers offer users a reliable grip and efficient performance in various tasks, from gripping and bending to cutting wires and cables. Their ergonomic handles minimize hand fatigue during prolonged use, making them a favorite among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With a legacy of craftsmanship and innovation, Bahco pliers continue to be a trusted tool for tackling a wide range of applications with ease and efficiency.

    Bahco's Pliers range in materials such as chrome, stainless steel, alloy steel and steel, guarantee unmatched durability and resilience for heavy-duty tasks while maintaining a pristine finish and resisting corrosion. The incorporation of soft-grip handles in various plier designs prioritises user comfort, especially beneficial for frequent users by providing cushioning for the palm and fingers, effectively averting strain or cramping. Explore our pliers guide for further insights.

    It is crucial to note that if you are working with live or energised currents, ensure your pliers are VDE-approved to ensure user safety.

    What pliers do Bahco offer?

    • Combination Pliers: Versatile tools capable of gripping, bending, twisting, and cutting various materials such as wires, cables, and small objects.
    • Locking Pliers: Designed with a mechanism that allows them to securely lock onto objects, providing a strong grip that can be maintained without constant pressure from the user's hand.
    • Flat Nose Pliers: Featuring flat jaws ideal for gripping and holding flat surfaces, as well as for bending and shaping metal or wire.
    • Long Nose Pliers: Characterised by elongated, narrow jaws that enable precise gripping, bending, and reaching into tight spaces.
    • Nose Pliers: General-purpose pliers with pointed jaws for gripping, bending, and cutting wires or other small objects.
    • Round Nose Pliers: Designed with rounded jaws perfect for creating loops, curves, and bends in wires, as well as for holding small objects securely.
    • Side Cutting Pliers: Equipped with cutting edges on one side of the jaws for cleanly snipping wires, cables, and other materials.
    • Slip Joint Pliers: Adjustable pliers with multiple grooves on the jaws, allowing users to adjust the width of the grip for various tasks.
    • Water Pump Pliers (also known as Tongue and Groove Pliers or Channellocks): Versatile tools with adjustable jaws capable of gripping objects of different sizes and shapes, commonly used for plumbing tasks and automotive repairs.
    • Wire Twisting Pliers: Specialised pliers designed to quickly and efficiently twist wires together, commonly used in electrical work and wiring installations.
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