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    Round Nose Pliers

    Round Nose Pliers are a specialised pair of pliers characterised by their rounded, tapering jaws. Insulated handle options are available to ensure safe electrical work whilst offering a secure and comfortable grip. Round nose pliers are typically made from steel and come with various lever options including 1000 V insulated, bi-material or plastic sheath.

    Types of Round Nose Pliers

    • Rosary pliers - so-named because they are ideal for making rosary-style necklaces where each bead is put on a piece of wire with a wrapped loop at each end. A wire can be shaped and cut with this one device.
    • Snub-Nose Pliers - designed specifically for opening and closing chain maille jump rings.
    • Chain Nose Pliers - ideal for jewellery bead craft and fine-scale modelling. A spring handle helps avoid hand fatigue. The perfect precision tool when working on tricky applications.
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