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    Gedore Pliers

    Gedore pliers are a very useful range of multi-purpose hand tools. They are compiled with two handles and two jaws, allowing you to apply force to grip and cut into things. The single pivot design allows the tool to convert all the applied force into usable torque. Gedore pliers can effectively grip any object with ease, allowing users to bend, grip, cut, wire strip, remove nails, and more. Gedore pliers will help you get the job done efficiently, again and again.

    What applications are Gedore pliers suitable for?

    Gedore pliers are an excellent hand tool and are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including stripping or splicing wires, holding objects still, removing pins and nails, edge cutting, stripping fabrics, and bending, straightening or gripping objects.

    What different types of pliers are included in Gedore's range?

    Gedore's range of pliers include various types which can be selected depending on your specific requirements:

    • Circlip pliers – as the name hints, circlip pliers are manufactured specifically to install or remove circlips. They are ideal for plumbers and DIYers
    • Locking pliers - locking pliers are ideal for use on objects that would be uncomfortable or awkward to grip directly. They are great at handling hot objects
    • Long nose pliers – long nose pliers are ideal for tasks that need to be conducted in smaller, confined space. The thinner design makes them great for gripping small objects
    • Round nose pliers – round nose pliers are ideal for small intricate tasks such as jewellery making, where they can be used to tighten wire jump rings
    • Water pump pliers – water pump pliers are ideal for tasks requiring a tight grip. They can turn and grip bolts and nuts, as well as other industrial workpieces
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