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    Long Nose Pliers

    Long Nose Pliers are also known as needle-nose pliers, pointy-nosed pliers or snipe-nose pliers. These pliers are multi-purpose; cutting, holding, bending and stripping wire.

    How do Long Nose Pliers work?

    Long Nose Pliers rely on the physical strength of the operator to deliver accuracy by opening and closing the levers together during application. Long Nose Pliers are typically made from steel and come with various lever options including 1000 V insulated, bi-material or plastic sheath.

    Who uses Long Nose Pliers?

    Long Nose pliers, or needle-nose pliers, are most commonly used as cutting and gripping pliers in a variety of different applications. They are an incredibly useful tool when precision work is of the highest priority such as dealing with small components or bending wire. The tapered long nose design of the plier means that it can also reach areas where there is limited space, which is especially useful when working in laboratory or engineering environments where care needs to be taken. Long Nose pliers serve all professional needs in laboratory, production and maintenance applications. They are mostly used by:

    • Electricians,
    • Network Engineers,
    • Maintenance Engineers.
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