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    Flat Nose Pliers

    Flat Nose Pliers are tools designed for holding, gripping and making bends and right angles to a wire. Flat nose pliers are the perfect hand tool used to create right angles and bends when working with materials such as wire and metal due to their flat shape. These types of pliers are ideal for wirework, using beads and jewellery making and are commonly used by electricians, jewellery designers, network engineers, artists and more. Many flat nose pliers feature soft-grip handles that allow the user to grip and manipulate or straighten small materials with precision, whilst allowing for ultimate comfort, even when working for long periods of time.

    How do flat nose pliers work?

    Flat Nose Pliers rely on the physical strength of the operator to deliver accuracy by opening and closing the levers together during application.

    What materials are they made from?

    Flat Nose Pliers are typically made from steel and come with various lever options including:

    • 1000 V insulated
    • bi-material or plastic sheath
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