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    Combination Pliers

    Combination pliers are a useful set of hand tools also known as Lineman pliers or Side-Cutting pliers and are an extremely versatile piece of equipment to have available in a professional or DIY toolbox. These types of pliers have multi-purpose jaws that can be used for gripping, twisting, bending and cutting wires and cables.

    What are the key features of combination pliers?

    • Most combination pliers have insulated handles or grips that reduce the risk of electric shock when working with electrical wires.
    • There are variations of pliers that are non-sparking and VDE/1000V approved for use with live electrical wiring and cabling to ensure the safety of the user
    • Combination pliers offer multi-purpose functionality that can be applied across a wide range of precision tasks including cutting, gripping, bending, and much more
    • Serrated grips offer superior grip on materials that may slide or be difficult to grip
    • The cutters on the pliers offer hardened and sharp blades for stubborn materials, however, it is advised to check with the manufacturer for recommended cutting guidelines
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