The Biggest Company in Every Country.

In 2018, Apple became the world’s first trillion dollar company and although the title didn’t last long, the boom of big business globally no doubt means that others will soon follow. 

To discover what companies are dominating around the world, we have analysed 2019 market capitalisation data across hundreds of companies to reveal the biggest business in every country - and some of the results may surprise you. You can see all of our findings visualised on the map below. The companies have also been colour-coded by industry to show which sectors are dominating around the world.

Biggest company in every country map

The era of tech may be upon us, but according to our data, most of the analysed countries (40) have their biggest company in the Banking and Finance sector. A few of these key Banking and Finance companies include HSBC Holdings in the UK, which had a market cap of over $175 billion in 2019, and state-owned Sberbank in Russia which, although founded almost thirty years ago, still dominates in the country. A couple of other key countries with Banking and Finance leading the way include Accenture in Ireland, RBC in Canada, and Westpac Banking Corporation in New Zealand.

The Oil, Gas and Energy sector is also a big player on the world’s business stage, with over 20 countries having a biggest company in that industry. The most famous of which is probably Royal Dutch Shell which generated over $380 billion in sales last year and currently has a market cap of over $264 billion. Other countries with Oil, Gas and Energy leading the way include Italy with Enel, Norway with Equinor, and India with Reliance Industries.

When looking at the world’s mega companies, it’s usually tech or retail that dominates, with the likes of Apple, Microsoft and Amazon at the forefront. But when broken down by country, only 11 of the biggest companies are in the tech industry, including the likes of SAP (Systems, Applications & Products in Data Processing) in Germany and Nokia in Finland.

Overall, it’s definitely clear that global business is doing well, but which industries will dominate in the years to come?

You can find our data and sources here.