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    Aluminium Hinges

    Aluminium hinges are mechanical devices that are designed to hold two objects together in a way that allows for controlled rotation of one of them. They have a simple functionality featured around three main elements, leaves, a pin and a knuckle. The two main sections of a hinge are called the leaves, the leaves are plates often with multiple fixing holes through them to be used on each face of your box, cupboard, door etc. These two plates have loops or tubes on one side, these are called the knuckle. These knuckles are offset on each leaf and are connected via a pin that slots through all of the knuckles to join and create a pivot point between them.

    How to choose the correct hinge?

    To make sure that hinges you buy will meet your expectations you need to consider a few main aspects such as:

    • The weight of a gate/door (max load)
    • Type (adjustable, butt, piano style, spring and torque hinge)
    • Features such as self-closing or even soft closing
    • Mounting type (Screw, rivet, clamp, bolt etc)
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