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    Composite Toe Safety Shoes

    If you work in an environment that still needs foot protection, but the risk of crush injuries is reduced then you should consider composite toe safety shoes. While composite work shoes still meet the latest industry standards they don’t offer as much protection as steel toe capped shoes.

    Composite safety shoes are lighter and more durable than steel toe cap shoes and that’s down to the material used in the toe section of the shoe. The caps can be made from a range of tough materials such as fibreglass, Kevlar, plastic, or carbon fibre.

    RS offer a great selection of composite toe safety shoes from well-known brands such as Delta Plus, Uvex and LEMAITRE SECURITE.

    Where would I wear composite safety shoes?

    Composite toe shoes are ideal for a wide range of applications and environments. They are particularly suited to security staff that frequently pass through metal detectors such as airports, high-security warehouses or prisons. As the shoes are totally metal-free, they will not set off the detectors which saves time from extra checks. Composite work shoes are also ideal for electricians as they are non-conductive.

    Feature and Benefits

    • Lightweight and Durable
    • Comfortable and flexible
    • Nonconductive toe and midsole
    • Cool in the summer warm in the winter
    • Shock-absorbing soles
    • Padded collars for extra ankle support
    • Lace-up, slip-on or Velcro strap options
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