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    Steel Toe Cap Safety Shoes

    Steel Toe Cap Safety shoes are a stylish alternative to trainers or boots. Shoes with steel toe caps are ideal for environments where a smarter appearance is required without compromising on safety. Our selection of high-quality steel toe cap shoes are robust and lightweight making them comfortable for everyday use. Suitable for both men and women our safety shoes are available as lace-ups or simple slip-on designs.

    What are the different types of steel toe cap shoes for work?

    White Steel Toe Capped Safety Shoes

    These shoes are ideal for people working in hospitals, laboratories, or kitchens. While still having the protective steel insert, they often have the additional safety feature of a non-slip sole. These shoes are typically water-resistant and can also be resistant to some fuels and oils.

    ESD Steel Toe Capped Safety Shoes

    These shoes are perfect for use in laboratories or workshops where equipment or components are at risk of damage from static charges. ESD steel-capped shoes protect you from the build-up of static electricity and static charge.

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