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    Delta Plus Safety Shoes

    From Delta Plus, a range of high-quality safety shoes designed for both men and women. Delta Plus safety shoes are both smart and comfortable, making them suitable for everyday use, without compromising on your safety. Choose from a range of safety ratings such as S1P, S2 SRC, S3 or SRC.

    Why choose Delta Plus safety footwear?

    Delta Plus is a key brand when it comes to manufacturing premium safety footwear. With decades of experience, their top-quality safety shoes are carefully crafted using the latest technical processes. They aim to provide you with a range of Delta Plus safety shoes that have been tested and approved to meet the latest safety standards.

    Features and Benefits of Delta safety shoes

    • Ergonomically designed for all-day comfort
    • Lightweight breathable materials
    • Anti-static
    • Anti- Slip
    • Shock resistant
    • Composite or steel toe protection
    • Water-resistant
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