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    Alpha Wire Ethernet Cable

    For reliable, high-speed data transmission browse our range of Ethernet cables by Alpha Wire, Belden.

    How do Ethernet cables work?

    An ethernet cable is a type of network cable which directly connects a device to the internet, such as computers, gaming consoles, and smart tv's. Ethernet cabling provides a highly stable connection with fast speeds, offering a more consistent connection than Wi-Fi. They usually connect from a router. There are different types available, such as Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7, and Cat8, which vary in terms of their structure and signal transmission strength or speed.

    Alpha Wire is a specialist in cabling and connectivity solutions with over 95 years of expertise behind them. They design and manufacture tough, high-performance cabling which can meet the challenging demands of modern real-world applications. Alpha Wire cables use premium materials and adhere to best-in-class quality controls so you can trust their products for every installation.

    Here at RS their line of Ethernet cables includes units with PUR, PVC, and TPE outer sheaths, which offer benefits such as flexibility, and high resistance to wear-and-tear, fire, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and water. There are different colour options available and lengths up to 152m, so you can be sure to find one that can go the distance. Many of their cables use shielding to defend against signal distortion from EMI, giving you strong transmission. Insulation options include: PP, Foam HDPE, FEP, and PE.

    Their Cat5 types are ideally suited for networking connections between devices such as computers, modems, and routers, particularly in structured building cabling. These units are designed for fast installation and consistent performance to help maximise uptime.

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