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    Belden Cat6 Cable

    Establish secure, fast signal transmission with Belden Cat6 Ethernet Cables from RS.

    Ethernet cabling is used to connect a device, such as a computer or gaming console, directly to the internet. Cat6 Cable (Category 6 standardised cable) is a type of Ethernet cable which is a widely used in modern computer networking and connectivity setups. This type can also be used in gigabit Ethernet-based computer networks for linking up video and telephone applications and devices.

    What are the benefits of Belden Cat6 Cables?

    You can trust Belden for high-quality, dependable signal transmission solutions. They are a leading global brand for cabling, networking, and connectivity technology, backed by over 100 years of expertise. Their products meet strict global quality standards due to thorough testing. Whether you're using their Ethernet cables in the home or workplace, Belden have a great range to choose from so you can find the ideal cabling for your installation.

    Belden's offer includes both Shielded and UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) Cat6 Cables. UTP cables are made of dual strands which are twisted together, inherently providing moderate resistance to both electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). Shielded Cat6 Cables, however, offer considerably better protection from interference. This results in faster data transmission speeds and lower risk of data errors than with unshielded cable runs. Shielded types are a more suitable option if you want to install the Ethernet cable in close proximity to other electronic circuits and machinery.

    Here at RS you can choose from Belden's Cat6 cabling range with sheathing materials such as PVC and LSZH, and colour coded jackets for easy identification, as well as various diameters, gauges and lengths ranging from 1m to 300m+. The LSZH (low smoke, zero halogen) and PVC flame-retardant models provide specific fire behaviours so you can be sure to get the safest option for your application.

    Are these Belden cables backwards compatible?

    Yes, the Belden Cat6 Ethernet and networking models are fully backwards compatible with previous standards of both cable entries and hardware, including the common Cat5 and Cat5e standards. Check out our full guide to Cat 6 cable for more information on choosing and fitting the best Cat6 cable types for your application needs and install environment.

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