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    Shielded Ethernet Cables

    Shielded Ethernet cables, often referred to as "STP" (Shielded Twisted Pair) cables, are a type of Ethernet cable that includes an extra layer of shielding to protect the data transmitted over the cable from external electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI). The shielding typically consists of a foil or metal braiding that surrounds the individual twisted pairs of wires within the cable. This shielding helps to reduce the potential for signal interference and crosstalk.

     Where would you use Shielded Ethernet Cables?

    Shielded Ethernet cables are commonly used in environments where there is a higher risk of electromagnetic interference, such as:

    • Data Centres: Data centres often use shielded cables to ensure data integrity and reduce the impact of interference from numerous electronic devices in close proximity.
    • Industrial Environments: Manufacturing facilities, factories, and industrial settings where heavy machinery and electrical equipment are present can benefit from shielded cables to maintain network reliability.
    • Outdoor Installations: In outdoor or underground installations, shielded cables can protect against environmental factors and interference.
    • High-Noise Environments: Locations with high levels of electromagnetic noise, like power substations or radio broadcasting facilities, may require shielded cables to maintain network performance.
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