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    Crossover Cable | Ethernet Crossover Cable | Crossover LAN Cable

    Crossover cables may look identical to a normal straight-through patch cable; however, they aren’t wired the same and are used for different applications. Crossover cables are used when you need to connect two of the same devices together when there isn’t a router or a switch in between.

    RS offer a selection of high-quality cables from industry-leading brands such as Telegartner, Decelect, TE Connectivity and of course RS PRO. Choose from LAN categories Cat5, Cat5e and Cat6a, with F/UTP, S/FTP or U/UTP shielding in lengths ranging from 0.5m up to 10m.

    What is a crossover cable?

    As we mentioned before the wiring structure of these cables is different to a standard patch cable. Although both cables are terminated with RJ45 connectors at either end a crossed cable has the first and third wires crossed and the second and sixth crossed.

    Wiring Standards

    There are two wiring standards used for ethernet cables as recognised by TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) and EIA (Electronics Industries Alliance). They are T-568A standard and T-658B standard. A straight-through cable can be wired with T-568A at both ends or T-658B at both ends. A crossed cable will have one end wired as T-568A and the other end wired as T-658B.

    Where would I use a crossover cable?

    Crossover Ethernet cables would be used when connecting two of the same devices together, such as

    Connecting a PC to a PC

    Connecting a switch to a switch

    Connecting a hub to a hub

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