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    Twin & Earth Cable

    Twin Earth is one of the most popular electrical wiring cables on the market today. Also known as TE, it is a flat, sheathed cable containing three conductors. Inside the PVC or Thermoplastic (LSZH) outer jacket there are a pair of individually insulated current carrying conductors and a bare conductor, the central protective circuit (CPC) or earth. With a voltage rating of 300/500V Twin Earth can be used for a wide range of domestic wiring applications.

    RS Components offer a selection of high-quality TE cables in various lengths and sizes ranging from 1mm² up to 16mm².

    Where would I use Twin Earth Cable?

    As we mentioned before Twin Earth cable is generally used for fixed wiring installations. The cables are used for the supply of power to switches, sockets and light fittings. TE cable must be installed into a fixed position, clipped to a wall or surface or within cable trays. Due to the non-UV-resistant nature of its outer sheath, Twin Earth cable is not suitable for outdoor use.

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