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    Belden Power Cable

    For high-performance power cabling which can handle harsh industrial applications, choose from Beldens range of power cables at RS.

    Power cables are used in many commercial, industrial, and domestic environments to safely and effectively transmit electrical power. Their structure is usually comprised of individually insulated conductors which are protected within an outer sheath.

    Belden is a global powerhouse when it comes to designing and manufacturing cabling, networking, and connectivity solutions, and their products are tested to the highest standards to ensure superior performance and quality. With over 100 years of expertise behind them, you can count on Belden cables for any application.

    Beldens portfolio of power cabling includes multi-core cables with conductors made of solid bare copper for optimal conductivity. Outer jackets made of rugged materials such as PVC enable use in demanding industrial environments, as PVC provides high durability against abrasions and has excellent oil and water resistance. Some cable options also feature wide operating temperature ranges of up to 105°C for application versatility. Choose from shielded or unshielded cabling to suit your requirements. The shielded cables use Beldens patented Beldfoil® shield technology, which is an innovative aluminium/polyester foil that offers extra insulation. It is strong yet flexible and lightweight, and delivers superior protection against electromagnetic interference.

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