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    LAPP Power Cable

    We have an extensive range of power cables on offer from our trusted partner brand LAPP. LAPP are world renowned for their high quality, versatile cables and accessories. The power cables that LAPP produce can be used to distribute electrical power in domestic, commercial, and industrial wiring installations. Power cables within the range have a variety of different uses including connecting electrical appliances, sockets, mains wiring and lighting.

    What applications are LAPP power cables suitable for?

    LAPP's range of power cables includes cables suitable for harsh conditions, servo applications, power chain applications, robotics, conveyor technology, expanded ambient temperatures, building installations, and much more.

    Why choose a power cable from LAPP?

    LAPP was founded in 1957 and they quickly became pioneers in the cabling community through the production of their innovative cables and accessories. LAPP are experts in cable production and the bulk of their products are produced in the companies own production plants, meaning they have a quick turn-around time. Their power cables are high quality, innovative and specifically tailored to the task at hand.

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