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    Alpha Wire Control Cable

    Experience dependable signal transmission with the Alpha Wire range of control cables here at RS.

    As a trusted global specialist in flexible automation cabling, Alpha Wire provides dependable and innovative connectivity solutions for extreme environments and challenging applications. Their products are designed with quality and performance in mind, and they have a vast range to choose from at RS so you can find the ideal cable to suit your needs.

    Choose from popular series such as Alpha Wire Essentials, EcoCable, EcoCable Mini, EcoGen, EcoFlex, Xtra-Guard and more.

    The Alpha Wire offer includes both screened and unscreened control cables and are available in a wide variety of lengths and AWG sizes. You can select from a range of coloured sheaths such as red, brown, orange, grey, red, white, and black. Sheath materials include: PVC, PUR, MPPE, TPE, PTFE, PE, and more. Many of the Alpha Wire control cables range can be used in harsh industrial conditions and feature tough mechanical construction and a long service life. Alpha Wire also offer eco-friendly communication cables which are fully recyclable, and with a small and light design.

    You'll find Alpha Wire control cabling used in applications such as audio systems, data transmission, instrumentation systems, control systems, security, business machines, and broadcast and studio.

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