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    LAPP Control Cable

    Please browse our extensive control cable range brought to you by our brand partner and global market leader LAPP. LAPP is one of the world's leading suppliers of cables, connectors, and accessories. The innovative products within their control cable range prove invaluable in many technologies including system and appliance engineering, measuring, control, and machinery. LAPP heavily invests and believes in the quality of their products, which is what makes them stand out in a competitive market. LAPP cable contains a conductor made from pure electrolytic copper wire strands and is designed and manufactured in accordance with important European Standards; both British Standard BS6360 and German VDE 0295 Class 5.

    Within LAPP's range, the main control cable types include multi-core cables, YY, SY, and CY. Our partner brand LAPP offers an extensive range of these types of control cable in a range of sizes, materials, lengths and colours.

    Multi-Core Cable

    Many types of multi-core control cables are ideal for harsh industrial environments and can be used to transmit data, signal, and power in the same cable to machinery and equipment. LAPP's PVC multi-core cable range has a unique PVC compound outer sheath that allows for a thinner sheath, while maintaining the 300/500 working Voltage. Both the sheath and insulation material is flame retardant.

    CY Cable

    CY cable is typically used in installations requiring a shielded cable. LAPP CY cable is constructed with a multi-core flex, tinned copper wire braid (TCWB) and a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) separator. CY cable is flexible and screened, making it the ideal choice for applications where electromagnetic fields are created and therefore, accurate transmission is imperative.

    YY Cable

    YY cable is the typical choice for installations in sectors such as car production, engineering and plant installations. LAPP YY cable has an unshielded multicore and is highly flexible, making it suitable for use both indoors and outdoors, when shielded from direct sunlight. YY cable is ideal for applications requiring a flexible cable that has a larger number of core conductors.

    SY Cable

    SY Cable is stronger than both YY and CY cable thanks to its armoured flexible design and galvanised steel wire braid core. LAPP SY cable is perfect for installations requiring free movement of cabling, without tensile stresses, making it ideal for sectors such as the machine tool industry and many more.

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