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    Eaton Inverters

    Ensure maximum speed and torque control for your electrical motors with Eaton inverter drives from RS. As a global leader in power management solutions, Eaton have a large range of high-quality, high-performance inverter drives to choose from.

    What is an Inverter Drive and how do they work?

    An inverter drive is an electrical device which controls the speed or torque of an electric motor. They can also be known as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's), AC drives, Variable Speed Drives (VSD's), or frequency converters. They sit between the motor and the electrical supply and regulate the power which is sent to the motor. They are highly beneficial for energy saving as you can adjust the speed of the motor by gradually increasing or decreasing the power which is fed to it through the drive, ensuring better energy efficiency. For example, instead of applying full power to a motor during start-up, it can be supplied gradually.

    You'll find popular series from Eaton's offer here at RS such as the PowerXL DA1, DE1, DC1, and DG1 drives. Eaton drives come in a variety of power ratings and you can choose from 1 up to 3 phase types, with mounting options such as panel mount or DIN rail to suit your installation requirements. Many come with handy features and advantages like auto-reset functionality, trip-free design, SmartWire DT connectivity, LCD displays, IP rated enclosures, and integrated EMC filters. Designed for ease-of-use, energy savings, and high reliability, Eaton drives are suitable for a wide variety of motor applications such as pumps, fans, and conveyor belts.

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