Resources for Ex-Service Personnel Who Want to Get
a Career in a Trade

As an ex-serviceman or woman, it can be difficult to make that transition from the military to civilian life. Getting a job may be one of the hurdles you have to overcome as some find it difficult to find employment after leaving the forces. However, there are a number of charities and organisations that have been established to help you find your next role.

From training programmes to career advice, the below resources will offer you handy tips and tricks as to how you can find employment again. And there are also some useful links for employers, recruitment agencies and organisations who are offering the latest roles in building, construction and other trades. 

Guides About How Ex-Service Personnel Can Get a Job

Below you’ll find some useful resources that discuss the ways you can get a job when you leave the forces. These guides cover a whole host of topics including how to apply for roles, how to succeed at the interview stage and what opportunities there are available to you: - Run by The Royal British Legion, this is an employability programme that helps ex-service personnel to re-enter the community. They offer everything from career advice to learning for work opportunities, which include professional qualifications and a list of commercial training providers. - Specialising in helping ex-service personnel to transition into civilian employment, this resource offers career coaching, training, mentoring and networking opportunities. - Produced by the Ministry of Defence, this article offers general advice on what you can expect after leaving the U.K.’s armed forces. It includes quotes from ex-service personnel and further advice on the Career Transition Partnership (detailed in the section below). - These case studies demonstrate how ex-servicemen and women have built careers in construction after the forces. It showcases how there are plenty of opportunities for those leaving the armed forces, providing inspiration as to what roles are available. You can source common construction tool parts online, such as cordless drills, socket sets and torque wrenches from companies like RS Components. - This entire website offers support to ex-service personnel, including help with your CV, job application tips and resources that can help you to prepare for an interview. You can also get your questions answered online. 

Resources About Organisations Who Hire Ex-Service Personnel

The resources detailed below provide you with access to the latest jobs that are available to those who have just left the military. These job boards are specifically designed to help ex-military personnel find a job, with various roles including electricians, plasterers, builders and carpenters: -  The Career Transition Partnership (CTP) partners with Right Management Ltd and the Ministry of Defence to offer resettlement services for those leaving the forces. They offer a range of programmes, including ones in the building trade with courses on plastering, plumbing, bricklaying and more. - Forces Recruitment Services are specialists in ex-military recruitment. Originally set up by an ex-army bandsman, this recruitment agency offers a whole host of opportunities, including vacancies in construction. - Here you’ll find a range of opportunities including the latest updates on what jobs are available in construction. You can also get help on how to work for yourself and set up your own business in a trade. - On this job board you’ll find a wide range of vacancies, which can be filtered by industry. These include construction, electrician, labouring and mechanical roles. - With a team of ex-forces personnel and industry recruitment experts, Force Select specialise in helping veterans to find roles in the industry of their choice. They offer support throughout the recruitment process as well as access to a number of jobs in a range of industries.

4ExMilitary - This Web-based recruitment organisation offers a great job board for ex-military personnel. They act as a point of contact for you, offering a number of jobs in a range of industries, including building and construction. - British Forces Resettlement Services provide you with access to all of the latest roles, including those in construction. They also provide links to a variety of training courses that are on offer in building/construction. - Offering a number of civilian careers to those who are ex-military, Ex-Mil Recruitment specialise in roles that are suited to ex-service personnel. They offer a number of different roles, including many in the construction industry. - Whilst this is a general job board for anyone who wants to work in construction, Go Construct has worked to promote the hire of armed forces leavers into construction roles. - The Chartered Institute of Building has been promoting management careers in construction for people leaving the military. They offer a number of routes into their membership programmes, such as the Chartered Membership Programme or National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) which are CIOB accredited. - House Building Careers help to tackle the growing shortage of homes by building houses in conjunction with housing associations. They offer great career opportunities in a variety of locations for those who have left the armed forces

Resources for Ex-Service Personnel in the U.S.

If you’re a veteran looking for a role in the U.S., the below resources will point you in the right direction. There’s also some good career advice on offer as well as links to organisations that specialise in ex-military recruitment: - This useful resource provides you with a 101 guide on ex-military careers and getting employed as a civilian. It covers what careers are good for ex-service personnel (this includes skilled trades) and also provides advice on what companies employ veterans and how to find the right job. - Within this article about finding work after the military, you’ll find plenty of tips and tricks as to how to succeed in the civilian world. The guide covers a variety of topics, including how to prepare yourself before you leave the military and how to ease the gap between the military service and civilian world. - Dedicated to helping ex-service personnel find a job in the U.S., this online job board gives you access to all the latest military-friendly employers. It also offers help with filling out your résumé. - Some great job-hunting tips are brought to you in this article, including how to self-evaluate and participate in the Transition Assistance Program. Whilst this is targeted at U.S. veterans, the general advice is great for ex-service personnel from all over the world. - Build Your Future. Build America. provides great advice on working in the construction industry, answering many FAQs. They also offer links to a vast number of employers who are committed to hiring veterans. - This organization provides scholarships, training grants and career placement options to National Guard and Reserve Members and veterans. Specializing in careers in the electrical residential service, plumbing, air conditioning and heating industries, they aim to help veterans find work straight away by providing key connections with companies who are looking to employ and train people.

 U.S. Veterans Magazine - A website that offers business and employment advice. You’ll also find a handy list of scholarships that are available to U.S. veterans, including ones that are targeted towards getting a career in a trade.

 Texas Workforce Commission - Just for Veterans is dedicated to helping veterans in Texas transition into life after the military. There’s also a job search page where you can find the latest jobs in various trades. - Beyond the Yellow Ribbon provides a great list of resources that offer a range of training programs, apprenticeships, and employment opportunities. There are also some employment support resources, networking tools and communities you can join. - This program is designed to help veterans learn a trade through on-the-job training while still gaining their GI bill benefits. This is a great alternative to attending college classes and is available in a number of locations.

 HelmetstoHardhats - If you’re looking for a career in construction, Helmets to Hardhats is a great place to start. It boasts a number of resources, including a 14-week training program for the electrical industry, and the ability to search for a job in the trade of your choice. - On this website, there’s an extensive list of careers for veterans looking to enter the construction industry. From cement masons to rough carpenters and stonemasons to plumbers, you’ll find a resource guide tailored specifically to each trade. These guides include what knowledge, skills and abilities you’ll need, as well as the job outlook for your chosen career. - Run by the Department of Labor, this website provides you with access to one-on-one assistance, training and job searches. It also includes a resume builder, a skills translator and a number of transition resources. - Since 2003, this company has been helping veterans find work across America. On the website, you’ll find jobs in all industries, including construction and skilled labor. - Here you’ll find some great career advice, which will help you to secure a job in the role of your choice. Guides include how to transition from the military to civilian life, how to find the right job for you, and interview tips.