The Most In-Demand Tech Skills

The technology sector has added 59,000 jobs in 2019 so far, and alongside the high number of job vacancies available, the skills that employees need to have has changed drastically. Technology is continually evolving and the skills employees require to do jobs needs to line up to changing technology too. As such, companies are now looking to employ those who have a diverse and technologically advanced skillset to keep up with changing demands. With fears that automation was set to take a number of tech jobs, employees are having to ensure that their skills are up to date and meet employer and business expectations. So which skills are the most in-demand in technology jobs?

In demand Tech Skills

So, employees need to ensure that these are the skills they are adding to their repertoire. In a competitive job market, employees must have the skills that companies are looking to recruit for if they are to be successful in their application. To ensure employees are aware of the skills they require, we’ve looked at the skills companies listed in job descriptions in the past year to find out which skills are the most in-demand in the tech sector. Through analysing the skills that are listed in top technology job descriptions we can see exactly which skills employees should ensure that they have the latest training on, as well as making sure they are on their CV to secure those jobs. We can also see across four job types which skills are continually coming out as the most popular and are therefore the skills that the technology sector as a whole requires. For example, we can see that overall ‘software development principles’, ‘SQL databases and programming’ and ‘JavaScript and jQuery’ are the top three skills overall that are included in job descriptions and are therefore the most desired by employers when recruiting for positions in the tech sector.

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