The AI Startup Landscape

AI is now a huge part of our everyday lives with the likes of home pods and facial recognition aiding our day-to-day. But how is AI used within businesses and which companies are leading the way? 

We’ve taken a look at the global landscape of AI and mapped where all the AI startups are, as well as looking at the countries getting the most funding for their AI companies. 

Take a look at the graphics below that reveal which countries have the most exposure to AI through their businesses and startups. 

AI startup landscape infographic

From the charts above we can see that the United States is leading the way when it comes to funding with the total funding for all startups hitting a huge $224.2 million. When it comes to the countries with the most AI startups, the United States also comes top with 178 AI startups last year, Israel comes second with 46 AI startups and the United Kingdom comes third with 41 AI startups.