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    Testo Gas Detectors

    Gas detection is of paramount safety to any home, industry, or commercial setting. Testo has a range of gas detectors, all designed to detect any gas leaks, toxic gases, or a fall in oxygen levels.

    What are Testo Gas Detectors Used For?

    Testo gas detectors are instruments designed to identify gas leaks quickly and reliably. If gas is left undetected it can have enormous implications for the environment and costs, in the worst-case scenario gas leaks can cause problems to both human health and safety.

    How do Testo Gas Detectors Work?

    Testo gas detectors work from a sensor inside the unit, measuring and monitoring hazardous gas levels in the air. If these levels become too high, an alarm will be triggered, equally if the gas detector is a handheld unit the alarm function will activate if gas levels are too high.

    Handheld gas detectors are an essential tool and very easy to operate. Some have a flexible probe which is attached to the instrument, this is ideal for using in hard-to-reach areas such as behind pipe work or other inaccessible areas.

    Testo Gas Detectors Features:

    • Harmful gases are detected quickly for safety
    • Peace of mind 24/7
    • Simple to use instruments with accurate readings
    • Alarm function to alert the user if high gas levels are detected
    • Flexible probe on certain devices for more difficult to reach places

    Typical Applications:

    Gas detectors can be used across a host of applications and places, wherever gas it present. Gas detectors are categorised by the types of gas they detect, as well as multi gas detectors, so you can choose the right Testo gas detection tool for your requirements.

    How do I maintain my Gas Detector?

    Most gas detectors are battery operated and frequent checks on these batteries are an absolute essential, so the gas detector can do its job properly and keep everyone safe.

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