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    Extension Leads

    Extension leads and cables are perfect for use in electrical power applications that require multiple appliances to be powered, with an extended range. Extension leads and cables are available in a wide range of cable lengths and number of sockets. This makes them ideal for extending electrical power from a power source, such as a mains socket.

    Can multiple appliances be connected?

    Extension leads feature a plug at one end and are available with a variety of sockets, ranging anywhere from 1 to 20 plus in certain applications. Extension leads commonly feature 4-6 sockets, allowing 4-6 electrical devices to be powered simultaneously. These types of extension leads are perfect for use around the home or office. For industrial applications, extension leads and cables with 10 or more sockets may be more suitable.

    Where are extension leads used?

    Extension leads are a staple in many households, allowing various electrical devices to be powered. However, they are versatile in use and can be found in offices, schools, worksites, studios and certain instances even outdoor settings. extension leads are suitable for most applications that require an extension of power.

    Are extension leads surge protected?

    When using extension leads, it is vital that safety is maintained when electrical devices are switched on. Therefore, extension leads with surge protection are favoured as they provide an extra level of safety. Extension leads with surge protection prevent voltage spikes from causing electric shock and overloading of electrical devices.

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