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    Oxygen Meters

    Oxygen detectors are devices that measure the level of oxygen (O2) in the surrounding environment. Unlike pulse oximeters which measure blood oxygen levels, these detectors focus on the oxygen concentration in the air. Oxygen monitoring plays a vital role in various applications by ensuring safe oxygen levels for people and preventing fire hazards.

    Why use Oxygen Detectors?

    Detecting Oxygen Depletion - these are crucial for safety in environments where oxygen levels can become dangerously low. This can happen in confined spaces, at high altitudes, or near industrial processes that consume oxygen.

    Detecting Oxygen Enrichment - in some situations, oxygen levels can become too high. This can be a fire hazard as concentrated oxygen can accelerate combustion. Oxygen enrichment is a risk in facilities that use oxygen therapy or industrial processes involving pure oxygen.

    Oxygen Detectors Features and Benefits:

    • Variety of types -available in portable and personal configurations depending on the application.
    • Alarms - Can be set to sound an alarm when oxygen levels fall outside the safe range.
    • Data logging - some models can store data on oxygen levels over time.
    • Ensures safety and protects workers and occupants from the dangers of oxygen deficiency or enrichment.
    • Improves air quality - helps maintain optimal oxygen levels in critical environments.
    • Compliance with regulations - many industries have regulations mandating the use of oxygen detectors in specific settings.


    • Industrial settings - used in chemical plants, refineries, welding areas, and other places where oxygen levels can fluctuate.
    • Confined spaces - Important for firefighters, construction workers, and anyone entering enclosed spaces where oxygen depletion is a risk.
    • Aviation - used in airplanes, especially at high altitudes where oxygen levels are naturally lower.
    • Medical facilities
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