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    Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Basic carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are a highly affordable, easy to operate type of gas detector that no home, office or workplace should be without. More expensive models that also perform as precise and detailed carbon monoxide level monitors and readers are extremely useful for giving a fuller breakdown of atmospheric gas levels, including that of the potentially deadly carbon monoxide.

    We supply carbon monoxide detectors from trusted brands such as Honeywell, Crowcon, SF Detection and Testo, as well as our own rigorously tested and highly accurate value carbon monoxide detector and reader products.

    What should you look for in a good carbon monoxide detector?

    Most basic models for home use only really need to have an alarm, a sensor and a battery indicator/test function in order to provide an effective early warning system for homeowners

    More advanced models for professional or workplace use may benefit from additional features such as:

    • Backlit LCD readout screens
    • Dual display readings for both CO and temperature
    • Full calibration to varying ppm scales
    • Max/Min/Average hold
    • Data hold
    • Low battery indication
    • Auto power off or disable function
    • Adjustable alarm tones and volumes

    Why is carbon monoxide particularly dangerous?

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a deadly toxic gas that has no smell and cannot be seen or tasted when present in the air. Exposure to carbon monoxide gas is lethal at even low levels, and over shockingly brief exposure times it can quickly cause illness, impaired judgement leading to accident and injury, and ultimately death.

    The most common sources of detectable carbon monoxide readings in homes, workplaces and other inhabited buildings are:

    • Poorly installed or maintained heating appliances
    • Chimneys and flues
    • Gas-fired cooking appliances and other machinery
    • Improperly filtered combustion engine and exhaust setups
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