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    Cutters are handheld tools designed for cutting cables and wires along with a variety of other materials such as metals and plastics. Wire cutters typically consist of two levers connected closer to one end by a fulcrum, with the shorter end forming the jaw.

    Types of Cutters

    Cutters can be defined by the way they cut or what they cut. Some popular types include the following:

    Side Cutters: Side Cutters also known as diagonal cutters or side cutting pliers have cutting blades which are set at an angle to the handles

    Oblique Cutters: Oblique Cutters have an angled head or cutting edge allowing them to access tight spaces

    Cable Cutters: Cable Cutters or cable shears are designed to cut larger and tougher cables

    Ratchet Cable Cutters: Ratchet Cable Cutters have an inbuilt ratcheting mechanism to aid cutting

    Flush Cutters: Flush Cutters have cutting edges that are designed to cut materials flush with the surface

    Air Cutters: Air Cutters or pneumatic cutters are powered by compressed air

    Insulated Cutters: Insulated Cutters or electrician wire cutters meet VDE safety requirements that protect against electric shock

    Cutters are available from a wide range of leading suppliers including Knipex Cutters and CK Cutters

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